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Located in the historic Old Quarter but within easy reach of the more laidback lakeside neighborhoods of West Lake and Truc Bach, Mon Regency is also close to Hanoi’s hotspots. Bustling markets, atmospheric temples, tranquil lakes, hideaway cafes, exquisite restaurants and a wealth of grand, colonial buildings are right on the doorstep. Mon Regency is perfectly positioned for you to balance Hanoi’s frenetic edge with its more relaxed alter-ego.

We extend a warm welcome to all guests with fabulous rooms that afford splendid views, whether it be of the verdant park opposite or the colonial structures and shophouses of the Old Quarter. Each room comes fully equipped with what today’s global traveler has come to expect from boutique luxury, with large, comfortable beds, an elegant classic design, and generous amenities.

When you’re not out exploring or in your room unwinding, we also offer plenty of opportunities to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate yourself, with our Vietnamese fusion restaurant, terrace café, and classic spa. Hanoi is undoubtedly a joy to explore, and the Mon Regency is the perfect home from which to discover it.
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